Lake Superior Agates From Paradise Beach
Minnesota's North Shore!

Paradise Beach Banded Field Guide Slide Show Fragmented Membrane Eye Agates The Grand Marais Three Amigos Tube Agate Adhesional Banded Agate Banded Quartz Banded Quartz Banded Quartz Banded Mustard Five Eyes Strawberry Shortcake Paint Agate Paradise Beach Paint Nodule Agate Terminology Plume Agate Barite Mineral Inclusion Blue Dense White Chalcedony Conglomeragate Glacier Lake Nodule Green Nodule Pocked Nodule Eye Agate Brilliant Series Adhesional Banded with Limonite Staining Adhesional Banded Agates Blue Floater Agate Fractured Membrane Spider Web Stalactitic Agate Mike Jansen Finds 2014 Crystal Impression Peeled Agate with Craters Peeled Agate Attached Nodules Paint Nodule Classic Paradise Beach Nodules Pulling Waders Posing Not Picking On a Hike

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